“Promoting young people’s access to justice by advocating youth courts as an alternative to formal justice institutions.”

Youth Courts International is a organization focused on keeping juveniles out of the traditional criminal justice system and prison for minor-offenses. Children are both the bedrock and future foundation of any society; by offering a rehabilitative alternative to an overburdened and often harsh criminal justice system for offending youths, Youth Courts International looks to lower recidivism and harsh punishments through innovative criminal justice alternatives: youth courts. By providing the framework for youth court programs, we help local communities take the first step in rehabilitating children in conflict with the law outside of the prison system. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, our group is comprised of young professionals from all over the world interested in promoting the rule of law for the next generation and in improving the quality of criminal justice for juveniles around the world.

Specifically, Youth Courts International aims to educate local leaders and rule of law advocates about the benefits of youth courts as a viable alternative for juvenile offenders. We will accomplish this goal by providing model legislation for the statutory creation of a youth court system. We also offer training and capacity-building support to those organizations or individuals in the process of developing youth court programs.